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Hangzhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd.
HangZhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is the leading provider of enterprise network marketing, focusing on the SME search engine advertising service.  From the beginning of early founding, we are dedicated to provide SMEs with all kinds of network services, and we have accumulated service experience for more than 7,000 customers, and we have also  won good market reputation.
In November 2010, HangZhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd. was selected to become the authorized search engine commercial agent of Zhejiang Province of Microsoft(China). 
In November 2011, HangZhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd. has become the first major search engine of Russian Yandex authorized agent. 
November 2015, Hangzhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd. and Youku Potatoes group formed a strategic partner, responsible for the region of Zhejiang Youku Potatoes website advertising 
 After several years of operation and development, HangZhou Meibuy Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a large number of talent staffs, the main core of the team members are all from the Internet services industry for more than 8 years of senior staff.
 Each team member has a profound understanding of network marketing, we have a wealth of search engine advertising and overseas network marketing service experience,that could help SMEs in a more effective way to open up overseas markets, expand business opportunity and dreams to the rest of the world.

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